Stay warm this Winter with our Moringa Latte! Here at Roots Food we love our Moringa Lattes, especially for an afternoon boost, without the caffeine!

The Next Native Herbal Tea

Organic Moringa Herbal Tea

Moringa is known as the Miracle tree, and it’s no wonder.
This 100% pure Moringa tea has been made to give you ‘mindful energy’ throughout the day.

We are the Next Native- like the Moringa tree, we have the potential of re-creating the world.

Every product sold supports our tree planting project in the Philippines

The Next Native Herbal Tea

Choose Your Vibe

Tapping into your positive vibration moods can enhance your spirit and quality of life. At Roots Food we create natural food products from four positive vibes that are connected to our activity, creativity and mindset.
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How Yin Yoga can heal chronic pain

We sat down with Kristine Marie Rost, one of our oldest clients and moringa believer.If you don’t know her yet, she is one of the early pioneers of this discipline in Denmark. A respected teacher, she is quite literally changing lives one lesson at a time.

How Yin Yoga can heal chronic pain

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Mindful Energy